Services offered by Taxi DinY – Click & Drive

Contact me or book online for any request of ride or quote.
Remember to specify the purpose of your trip and the services you want to enjoy:

Customized transport

  • Customized advice and service, tailored support
  • Dedicated and unique contact person speaking French and English
  • Means of payment: CB, American Express, check, cash
  • Network of professional taxi partners who provide service and expertise for your journeys
  • Provision of vehicles: desired duration, wide range of vehicles, unlimited vehicles

Airport transfers

  • On the way out and on the way back
  • No charge for waiting
  • Delay without extra cost

Airport terminal transfers

  • Inbound and outbound
  • No charge for waiting
  • Delay without extra charge

Transport of children

  • Car seat and booster seat provided upon request and reservation
  • School transport
  • Transport to sports premises and other extra-curricular activities

Professional transport

  • Companies
  • Staff, executives
  • Seminars, conventions

Contracted transport

  • Professional seated transport
  • Medical appointments
  • Medical Care
  • Rehabilitation

Transport of objects

  • Letters
  • Parcels, packages
  • Personal belongings

Transport for events

  • Bachelor’s/Bachelorette’s Party
  • Wedding, Banquet
  • Concert, Show
  • DinY can provide a wide range of vehicles according to your transfers, needs and organization.