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    [1] The total fare is an estimation based on 2022 rates.
    It may vary depending on traffic conditions. Special transfers (e.g. long distance) are subject to specific pricing.

    [2] If the transfer is no longer necessary, please inform us at least 4 hours before pick-up. If necessary, or in case of refusal to pay for the taxi service (‘Theft by fraud’, article 313-5 of the French penal code), a contribution corresponding to the compensation will be invoiced.

    Rate regulations


    Taxi fares are regulated by the State, both for marauding and for reservations. The evolution of maximum prices is set each year by the French Minister for Economic Affairs. Prefectural decrees set the various components of the fare in each department, taking into account the annual increase rate.

    Apart from specific cases (bundles), the taxi fare is not known in advance. In all cases, it is displayed at the end of the journey on the dial switch of the taximeter, although the taxi driver is free to grant a discount on this price. Every year, the taxi driver updates his/her taximeter to include the new prices.

    Excluding bundles, taxi fares include the following components:

    • The pick-up charge, which is a fixed amount applicable from where the ride starts.
    • A mileage rate: each kilometer covered by the taxi will be charged at this amount, except when the taxi is stationary or at a low speed; this rate is subject to increases that are specific to each department (e.g., night journeys, distance of the taxi from its marauding area, snow-covered roads, and rush hour).
    • An hourly rate: each minute spent by the taxi at a standstill or at low speed will be billed at this amount
    • Extras: these are different in each department (extra passengers, animals, luggage, reservation)

    In compliance with the regulations, the taximeter never displays an amount lower than €7.30, which corresponds to the amount that a taxi driver can always ask the passenger to pay, even if the journey is very short. If he/she wishes, the taxi driver can grant a reduction on this amount.

    Furthermore, any toll charges are payable by the taxi and not by the passenger, unless the latter has specifically requested to use a toll route.

    Mileage and hourly rates

    • Rate A (white lamp): daytime run (8am – 7pm) with loaded return to the station
    • Rate B (orange lamp): night run (7pm – 8am), Sundays and public holidays with loaded return to the station; also applicable in case of snow in mountain departments
    • Rate C (blue lamp): daytime run (8am – 7pm) with empty return to the station
    • Rate D (green lamp): night run (7pm – 8am), Sundays and public holidays with empty return to the station; also applicable in case of snow in mountain departments
    Service delivery A B C D
    Pick-up charge 2,66 € 2,66 € 2,66 € 2,66 €
    Rate per kilometer 0,88 € 1,32 € 1,76 € 2,64 €
      meaning a drop of €0.10 every x meter 113,64 m 75,76 m 56,82 m 37,88 m
    Waiting or marauding (hourly rate) 37,08 € 37,08 € 37,08 € 37,08 €
      meaning a drop of €0.10 every x seconds 9,71 s 9,71 s 9,71 s 9,71 s

    Special features

    The snow-ice fare application is subject to the following two conditions:

    • Snow-covered or icy roads
    • Use of special equipment or non-slip tires known as “winter tires”

    The fare is only applicable for the snowy part of the road.


    Only three types of extra fares are applicable (the terms and amounts vary according to the department):

    • Transport of luggage or parcels,
    • Transport of animals
    • Transport of a fourth passenger.